Bogota, Colombia

Abdy Electriciteh

11 August 2013

"This is the time that the words don't serve properly. We are all condition with the words, to feel or relate to certain things when we hear certain things. Hear me beyond the words that I say. You all have learned to become who you are. For some of you have been easy, for some of you have been hard. Becoming who you are, has been like an achievement for you. Is time for you to realize that you have achieved nothing. There's nothing to achieve. From the day you were born, you were complete. You cannot be more complete now than then, cause when it is complete is complete. So it might, you all think, what was it about? It was about you asking that question. Connecting to the truth start with a question and when you have a question and you don't care what's the answer, that is the time that you're connected to the truth. The truth is within you, is never been disappear, is never been lost. Become who you are to just realize that. It might be a little more to go, to get it, but you're almost there. There's no way back, when you get there, you realize you haven't become anything. You are who you were as a baby. Whatever you collected on the way, it doesn't matter. Whatever you had then it's enough now. And everything else is just noise in the background, the noise that you always need it. What you feel to be who you are. You don't need to learn how to be, just remember the baby that you were. The baby doesn't come with clothes, doesn't come with family, doesn't come with belonging, doesn't come with expectation, doesn't come with sadness, doesn't come with anger, doesn't come with past, doesn't come with future. As is, where is, whoever the baby is, is love. You were like that once. Which you all have been. And be like that again. Be, is as simple as that. Allow to be, whatever, whoever you are. When you allow, you can feel the love that you have, the love that you are, there's no room for anything else. And is there is something else, it doesn't matter.

Time that it will become to be, easier to be. The whole universe support you to be. Simply is taking away all the conditioning you have acquire since you were the baby and universe will take care of it, not you. When it happens look at it as a blessing, not as a disaster. Disasters are over. Disaster was living an illusion of fear. For some accepting it, for some denying it. for others fighting it. It's time to celebrate what you are, who you are.

Everything that happens to you is a gift for your new birth. If I have to say one word, I'll say: ! Allow Allow Allow ! There's no need for a second word but for some of you who still need to hear it, I will say: ! Trust Trust Trust ! Trust yourself, trust that you will be able to allow, Trust that you are align now, feel it, believe it and live it. That's all." Abdy Electriciteh