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This is the time of human evolution, the time of humanity’s ascension. Ascension simply means ascending to a higher vibration, and living in a more advanced consciousness. From the beginning of existence up until December 21st, 2012 our consciousness was supported by an Earth energy that was limiting our connection. From December 21st, 2012 until September 23rd, 2013 we were in a period of no energetic support due to the transition of the old energetic era to the new one. The burst of the new energy on September 23rd has created a new era of existence and consciousness. In this new era we can tap in to frequencies that bring about a heart connection followed by a more evolved consciousness. The force that has been supporting our reality and consciousness has already changed. The only reason we do not relate to this transition is because we do not connect to this new reality and consciousness.

We have been adopting a belief system and way of life through our old consciousness since birth. Our cellular, emotional and mental memory resists relating to the new consciousness and reality. Each of us acts as an antenna, conducting the universal energy down through our crown chakra, through our body and into the Earth. Our ego has always been resisting this flow. Now, since the nature of the flow has changed, the resistance is greater. For some of us who cannot cope with this new current, we blow like a fuse. As a result, we manifest physical problems like cancer, and emotional problems like depression and anxiety.

Our reality is simply a manifestation of our energetic being creating our human consciousness. Our consciousness is a fraction of the Universal consciousness, directly related to our vibration. The higher the vibration, the less resistance to the flow, the easier it is tapping into a higher consciousness. All the children born in this new era are born already connected to the new energy and consciousness, while a portion of adults gradually evolve to adapt to the new consciousness. The unadaptable will gradually exit existence, and we will come back as a newborn, therefore the new generation of evolved beings will gradually dominate the Earth. Through them, the new reality and consciousness is realised on Earth.

I have been facilitating the connection to the new higher frequencies by activating the crystalline lattice within our heart chakra to germinate within, enabling it to connect with the new consciousness. Even though our personal and collective evolution is the pivotal point of our existence, the physical and emotional manifestation of it is not pleasant within our current reality. Therefore, I am opening myself to be the vessel you can be linked into and draw from whatever frequencies that you need to maintain your equilibrium at any given time, to support and sustain your energetic body in this special time. This phenomena takes place by me linking an energetic umbilical chord from me to you. This umbilical chord will deliver the frequencies that you are not yet reaching and support your energetic body to ride the chaotic moments of this transitional time.

We are all growing to realise more of our potential. This realisation is not just about having a greater knowledge; we are gradually utilising this potential to advance in our existence, naturally impacting our personal lives, our purpose and our surroundings. Realising my own growth, I am offering to support you in yours. Even though I created this support many years ago, wanting to initiate it all the while since creating it, I have been hesitant to offer it. I am offering it to you now. However, I would only extend myself to selected people. If you wish to receive this support, you should fill out the following form. I will tune into you and will see if you are ready to be connected to me or not. When you receive an acceptance email from me, you can proceed with registration and payment.


I’ve been struggling in how to price my emotional burden and physical pain caused by the side-effects of processing and living your experiences and energetic and emotional swings. Personally I wouldn’t accept living a stressed life over a more relaxed life for any financial reward, however the joy that I receive in knowing that I can support you as antennas of the new consciousness and bring more harmony to the lives of those who are dedicated to facilitating humanity’s evolution, either in themselves or in others, overrides my need for personal comfort. I have left it to you to decide how much you are capable and willing to pay for this support.

You can cancel the link at any time you wish.

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Q & A

Why do I need to fill out an application?

Abdy needs to tap into you via your application in order to qualify you to receive the 24/7 support. He also would like to make sure that he would not support people whose intentions for receiving the support does not align with his values.

Does the financial contribution amount effect the qualification process?

Yes. Abdy has to put considerable effort per individual. If the individual financial contribution does not justify his effort, he will not accept the person.

Do I receive any form of regular communication from Abdy after I join?

Not on a regular basis. However, Abdy might send group messages from time to time.

Do I have to contribute on an ongoing basis?

It is up to you. When you fill up the application you will specify the amount and frequency of your payment. For example, you might say ‘I pay $100 per month’, or say ‘I pay $2000 for six months'. It all depends on your financial situation.

Is there any relation between this support and Soul Family?

No. Soul Family will continue as usual. Even though 24/7 support is much more potent and advanced than Soul Family, it does not replace what one receives from Soul Family.

Is the 24/7 support replacing the sessions due to travel restrictions?

No. Abdy initiated this support in June of 2018.

How can I compare or equate this support with other services out there?

This is the first time such a support has been offered in authenticity. So there is no comparison. You might relate it to receiving a spiritual and energetic massage and adjustment on an hourly basis.

Will I be going to a group?


Can I change my contribution amount or frequency in the future?

Yes. Just let us know about the changes in advance.

Can I cancel my payment and support?

Yes, at any time. Please go to your PayPal account and go through the stepped process to cancel the payment renewal.

Is there a refund for payments made?

No. You can cancel any future payments, however there will be no refunds on past payments.

Is there any commitment, obligation or practice necessary on the receiver’s part?

No, none.



Please fill in form below and submit your application for Abdy’s consideration. Once form submitted, Abdy will reply to you in his own time with confirmation of whether he can support you or not. Only then a payment can be received. Please do not make any payment until then.




Please let me know about yourself

What do you expect to receive from this connection?

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Terms and Conditions 
Abdy does not warrant or promise any result whatsoever to any individual who joins 24/7 support. Abdy can cancel individuals or groups at any time at his discretion. Abdy has no obligations of any kind toward the receiver of 24/7 support. The person joining 24/7 support has no right or entitlement to any of Abdy's personal and public offerings. Abdy does not have affiliates or representatives to facilitate or recommend 24/7 support in any shape or form. One can terminate the 24/7 support at any time. All the personal information collected by Abdy from the recipient of 24/7 support is private and confidential. Any payment contributed is not refundable.