What People Say

  • Abdy works with the Christ energy – a bridging consciousness that aligns the consciousness of man to the consciousness of the Divine. The power that Abdy anchors, that he is conduit for, aligns people to the presence of the Divine – to the Divine’s mind, to the Divine’s heart, to the Divine Spirit, wherever the person needs to connect to at that particular moment in time. This brings about healings, alignments, realisations, transformations and advancements – as they are required. It can activate the Christ Light within.”

    Channeled by Edwin Courtenay  
  • My first experience of Abdy’s energy was in Israel in 2003. I had no idea what he did, so my first impressions where “what is going on here. My thought started to move at a hundred miles a minute “will I be the only one not effected by his energy”
    Well that made the Universe laugh as I was stuck to the floor and couldn’t open my eyes and I was racing through dimensions at an incredible pace. The energy made me spin for several days and I gradually began to reawaken by gifts.
    I said “Holley Dooley” the first time and I am still saying it 12 plus years on and I will be saying to my last. I will give my support to Abdy until I leave this planet. I just love him.

    Ann Adelaide, South Australia Ann
  • I met Abdy in February 2006 and when I felt this energy I knew it was an appointment with my soul, because i had forgotten my way. At the time I thought everything in my life was perfect; of course from my mental perspective and society's parameters it was. At that moment I began my journey, the challenge of starting my way home, which for me meant going from my humanity, to my heart, accepting everything that I live and what I am.

    It has not been easy, there have been many ups and downs, hard decisions, and resistance because it was a path totally out of my comfort zone, however now I'm finding my own truth.

    In his sessions and gatherings, I have experienced many things, from sadness, physical pain and confusion, to peace and connection to something much bigger than me, feeling all the support of divinity and the precious gift of life.

    I could start releasing resistance to allow, trust, accept, and flow. Which is totally opposite of what I received and learned through education from society, the collective unconscious, my family and religion.

    It has been a transformational journey checking how many of these paradigms are not real, but despite knowing it, I have it in my cellular memory and this creates a tension between what my heart knows and what my mind thinks.

    At times I managed to let go and feel the confidence to allow the experiences that life gives me, knowing that it is neither good nor bad, it is what it is, even if I like it or not, understand it or not, as simple as this. And it's so easy, and then the impossible can become possible, what was seen as a challenge, is seen as a blessing.

    With Abdy the most important thing I have learned is that there is nothing wrong with me, there is nothing to fix or change. Simply accept it and live it, and be gentle, kind, loving and compassionate with myself and others.

    Abdy is another human being living his life, not intending to be a teacher, or a guru, not wanting anyone to follow him and this is what I like about this whole process. He is an instrument through which this energy manifests. He supports the process of self connection and self growth, where there is no dependence on anything, you don't need to meditate, or wear white clothes, or do yoga, or be vegetarian, or have positive thoughts all day, or live in a forest or live close to the sea, you don't need to do anything, just be and be present in life.

    You can never imagine all you receive through this energy and although at the beginning I did not quite understand what a session was or the purpose of it, my heart allowed me to experience and I was able to reconnect with myself.

    I have much gratitude from my heart to Abdy, throughout this journey and what still remains to be done.

    When lacking clarity, I remember Abdy's quote: "Trust yourself, trust that you will be able to allow.Trust that you are aligned now, feel it, believe it and live it."

    In my own words: "Allow and trust."

    Olga Toronto, Canada Olga
  • Through Abdy comes an energy that expands an individual's consciousness to its fullest potential, speeding up the human evolutionary process and opening up new ways of being. Now the transmission of this energy is occurring through me to others.
    People I have spoken with have had huge breakthroughs and been able to deal with things in a new way. I now am aware that there is nothing we have to do, we just have to be, and then God does magic through us.

    Panache Florida, USA 
  • The first time I had a session with Abdy, I had a profound experience laying on the ground and my body shaking from head to toe. At times, my hands and legs were up in the air. I had no control over them. I cried, screamed, laughed and at one point my whole body went through a shock. When I got up I knew the life I had lived up until then was finished and a new life had begun…

    Mohammad Toronto, Canada Mohammad
  • Monica Bogota, Colombia monica
  • It's been almost four years since I met Abdy, and for me it has been a unique and wonderful experience. I would not know how to explain it in words or if there are words to express what Abdy transmit, since he takes me to places where words do not matter and are only an artifact of the mind that separates us from ourselves.
    I've experimented with him in all the gatherings and sessions an inner awakening and connection with my being that I had never felt before. He has led me to experience a connection with everything around me, coming to feel that there is no separation between us and the rest.
    Aside from how beautiful the sessions are with Abdy, where everyone experiences an indescribable inner journey, having had the opportunity to stand beside him for quite some time has led me to change the way I see and interact with life. At the end I realize that being in harmony with myself allows me to know everything in life is simple and perfect.

    If I could give advice to someone, from my heart, I would say: "Give yourself a gift to your soul and open your heart to a love experience with Abdy.

    Francisco San Francisco, USA Francisco
  • I first met Abdy while I was in Ireland teaching Pranic Healing in 2003. One of my students told me that a very special man was coming from Canada and would be in Ireland the same weekend as me. She said Abdy is an amazing healer who touches people and they fall to the floor. She wanted to know if I would change my workshop dates so we could go and see him. This was a very unusual request. Normally I wouldn’t even consider changing my workshop dates. I was travelling from Australia and it was such short notice. Almost without hesitation I answered yes and changed my workshop date to see Abdy. My decision wasn’t based on logic in fact it was quite illogical but I just knew I had to go to Abdys session.
    The first session I attended I was quite overwhelmed; people were screaming and crying, having huge emotional releases. I thought who is this man. When it was my turn Abdy took me by the hand and I instantly felt calm. I didn’t fall down immediately but did feel energy move through me. When I lay on the floor I felt pinned down and couldn’t move. Abdy came back and touched my foot. I immediately felt this surge rush through my body. I had a huge release choking, crying, and shaking continuously. I had many visions of angels, holy beings and golden threads of light connecting everyone in the room.
    Since my first meeting with Abdy my life has become a roller coaster of such extreme highs and lows. I have attended many sessions and most gatherings and with each one more and more of my conditioning was being stripped away. Purging me to the depths of my soul…squeezing until I could no longer resist. On a personal level I ended my marriage of 25 years, in doing so I not only let go of my husband but also my best friend. My plan for sharing my life with my husband and having a secure future was completely shattered. I became ill and also had to sell my new home and move two more times in 6 months. Nothing was familiar, I felt bare to my core and I was forced to reassess my entire life.
    Like many others, my life has been completely transformed by Abdy. I don’t fight or resist the changes any more, I still have struggles but in this I have such inner peace, clarity and stillness. Abdy lifts me to my highest point and allows me to be all I can be. There is so much more I wanted to say but words don’t come close to how I feel or the gratitude I have. Abdy's love, authenticity, compassion and divine energy enable humanity to soar to its infinite potential. Thank you Abdy for all that you are… God Bless.

    Patricia Perth, Australia Patricia pic
  • I have spent many years researching, reading, attending workshops, courses and listening to people who teach about connecting with the spiritual dimension of human beings. These searches allowed me to intellectualize and dissect in my mind concepts of universal love, personal growth, consciousness and many other categories that are handled in this area; but I was always feeling something was missing and my mind would not let me define what was that void.

    They told me about Abdy many years ago, but it took me almost six years to decide to attend to his sessions. I realize now that I was not ready to go; the universe in its perfection was moving the magic strings so I can decide when it was the moment perfectly designed for me. In my first session I went alone, I don't know from were I took the courage to undertake this adventure, because fear took over me ... perhaps unknowingly I was listening to my heart and without thinking I followed the instructions.

    When I saw Abdy giving a touch to people and see the reaction of each persons, I wanted to run again and I was overwhelmed with fear because the whole experience was out of my mental limits. I tried to leave, but again the heart invited me to stay and I followed. I was one of the last persons to have the experience og Abdy's touch, what happened then, I can not describe it in rational terms.

    He looked at me, touched my forehead and I fainted. I started to hear a thousand thoughts at once and my body started moving without my control. My mind tried to find explanations but could not find them. Mentally I was telling my body: Stay still-, but did not obey me. There was a time when I decided to stop fighting and I got carried away. My body vibrated very strong and I started seeing a pink light. As I watched I stopped worrying about my crazy moves and began to feel a peace I had never felt before. The only way I can describe the feeling is: I was part of everything and everyone. I heard a voice that said: - "Do not be afraid, this is the way of the heart" - and my thoughts disappeared. I did not feel like me, Mireya Galvis, I was part of that light.

    When I opened my eyes and the session was finishing, I felt disoriented and did not understand what had happened to me. I just stood up and I fled the room, I called a friend and I began to cry. All I could tell her on the phone with euphoria was: -I felt love, I felt love !!!! -.

    Since then I've understanding that love is not a feeling or an emotion, it is a state of being that if you allow it, it can become permanent. You can study a lot about love but when you feel it , all that information you have accumulated no longer matters. Thanks to Abdy's gift I have felt by small moments this state of being and is wonderfully magical !!!!

    I feel infinite gratitude to him because he helped me see the beauty that is within me and that I had failed to even imagine that it could exist. I continue going to his sessions when he visits Colombia and when I am able, I tune in with his sessions held in other countries. I continue with my personal journey, but now it focuses on my connection with my heart rather than keep looking for answers outside of me.

    Mireya Bogota, Colombia Mireya profile
  • II’ve never met such a pure, loving, wise soul. Generous, truthfull, altruistic and só non-judgemental. The energy Abdy anchors is a pure expression of God. You see yourself reflected in Abdy’s eyes, question is if you are daring enough to acknowledge that. Every session with him is a unique experience and the less words, the better. Simplicity and accepting what is, are one of Abdy’s profound words. He teaches by showing, always attuned to say the right words or stay silent.. He’s for sure not your every day guru and he definitely doesn’t want to be. Instead he shows you how to reclaim your own inner wisdom, strength, love and connection to whatever is expressed and felt in any given moment. I’m very very grateful to know Abdy as a friend and as a soul!

    Stefanie Breda, Netherlands stefanie
  • Kathy California, USA kathy profile pic
  • Colleen California, USA Colleen Cackowski.jpeg
  • Selina Albuquerque, New Mexico Selina profile
  • Abdy es un ser Humano con un gran lente que emite Luz, Siempre en mi vida estaba en la busqueda de algo, muchas veces no sabía que era, cuando empecé a compartir las cesiones con Abdy me di cuenta que no tocaba buscar nada, todo es perfecto y esto lo puedo decir después de haber asistido a mi primera cesión en el 2007. Actualmente no busco respuestas que pueda comprender mi mente trato de ser un admirador de todo y de las cosas sencillas como respirar, ver a mi hijo pequeño actuar, regar las matas de mi casa, observar mí día a día laboral.

    Con esta experiencia pude limpiar mi lente no digo que esté totalmente limpio, pero si se que está listo para ponerlo al servicio de los demás. Observo la vida con más claridad y con un sentido universal donde cada uno de nosotros somos parte de algo y que no podemos negarlo. Todos estamos conectados no importa la edad, lo que estudiaste, tu color de piel, tu preferencia política, tu religión o tu idioma. Funcionamos como antenas en este momento no importa la distancia, no se explicarlo pero es un estado de conexión creo que es amor. Es el momento de explorar la fuerza divina de creación que cada uno tenemos para traer el cielo a la tierra.

    Javier Bogota, Colombia Javier profile
  • Being at one of Abdy’s sessions or gatherings for me is a different experience each time, no session or gathering is ever the same physically or energetically. Through Abdy and the gift that he has I feel the powerful vibrations of energy’s coming through and each time it is so profound that I don’t have any words that would describe that on a level that the mind would understand, it’s a knowing and a feeling from deep within, it feels like the vibration that Abdy activates within the you, has just been sleeping within the you and then a part of your true you starts to wake up, and then that never stops, it just keeps going. Being true to the you and connecting to the source, that Abdy’s gift brings is for me is about who I truly am, it is just soooo breath taking and powerful and deep that I just don’t have any words to describe how else this feels. I don’t know how else to describe it, but to go and have the experience for yourself. Thank you Abdy for being who you are and sharing your gift.

    Simone Melbourne, Australia simone
  • I've found that upon experiencing the energy that comes through Abdy, I live more from Presence, which has opened me to living a careful, fruitful and more productive life. With Presence, all things are possible. Therefore, my life is full and ever abundant.

    Angel Holly Hill, South Carolina 
  • There is definitively a before and after where I have had the opportunity to meet Abdy and his extended family. It has taken me a long time to pick up and integrate the teachings and I am still in the process, but it is actually the simplicity and the clarity that surprise me. I am very grateful for all the beautiful moments that I shared with Abdy, whether on his land in Costa Rica or outstanding soul-sharings with his family in Israel, Germany, Colombia or Australia.

    Clemens Munich, Germany clemens
  • Un encuentro con Abdy no es para todo el mundo; solo para quienes están abiertos a recibir lo que el Universo dispone, sin expectativas y sin necesidad de explicación. No encuentro palabras para describir lo que mi encuentro con Abdy ha significado en mi vida y como me he liberado de tantas cosas que ya no me servían. Ya no estoy buscando paz, ahora me siento en paz y completa. Si vienes esperando un resultado puede que no lo “veas” inmediatamente. Por el contrario, si llegas con tu corazón abierto, sin la necesidad de algo especifico, estás realmente listo para esta experiencia única.

    Marta Bogota, Colombia 
  • Después de la primera sesión con Abdy me sentí decepcionado porque no “sentí” nada durante la sesión como los demás y pensé que yo no era tan “espiritual” como ellos. Con el pasar de los días me di cuenta de cómo mi vida estaba cambiando de manera significativa y como yo estaba transformándome de una forma que nunca pensé posible.

    Ramiro Bogota, Colombia 
  • Siempre pensé que experimentar a Dios no era posible. Ahora, después de esta sesión con Abdy, sé como se siente a Dios.

    Andrea Bogota, Colombia 
  • En los encuentros con Abdy puedo simplemente ser, sin necesidad de explicarle a nadie quien soy o que hago. En este espacio, no hay juicio, no hay teoría, no hay explicaciones. Solo la vivencia de estar ahí, en presencia de la energía Universal con la que fuimos creados.

    Juan Bogota, Colombia 
  • El verdadero maestro es el que permite que tu sabiduría se manifieste. Abdy no viene a enseñarnos nada ni pretende arreglarnos la vida con una sesión; tu recibes lo que te corresponde y encuentras tus propias respuestas sin depender de nadie, sin palabras!

    Patricia Bogota, Colombia