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One of Abdy's latest Soul Family Livestreams

This is an extracted archived livestream video from the Soul Family. See Abdy talking about the topic of Ego.

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Each of us is like a cell of a body, individual to our nature. Together we create the body of humanity. Each organ of the body is a vital part of our individual being. Some of us are closer to the source of food, others closer to the source of oxygen, others to the source of light. Each of us vibrates at the optimum frequency when our essentials are in balance. This balance can only be obtained by sharing and bartering our surpluses and strengths. Remember that on a cellular level any essential that is not needed is a waste or even a poison. On the level of humanity it is exactly the same.

The fluid which flows in the veins and arteries of humanity, infusing our being with light, is love. The nature and content of the love is not important but the harmony that love brings to the body of humanity is vital.

I am a mutated, evolved, cell, attracting a cellular cluster of the same vibration, a family, embedded in the body of humanity in the same way as a heart is. This family is a group of people who are connected by the energy of the Divine. Some might feel such a connection. Most have no idea.

Each family member must be fully committed to themselves, to their Honest Self, as a part of the family and humanity. In going deeper into themselves, going deeper into the connection to the body of humanity, they will be raising their vibration and creating harmony within themselves whilst radiating a higher vibration and greater harmony to the body of humanity.

I am committed to act as the centre of connection in our cellular cluster, to bring wisdom and support to this family. To avoid creating dependancy on me, I will support our family to connect to and depend on Self. I would like to act as an example of realizing the wisdom of connecting to the truth. I am calling this family ‘Soul Family’.

Members of the family will be included in every on-location session that I hold. In other words, each member will become connected to their own Divinity any time I hold a session anywhere in the world. It is not necessary to be aware of the time, location or even the existence of the session. There will simply be connection without any effort. (Of course, one can intend to exclude themselves from such a connection at any time).

I support the members by holding free regular web meetings and seminars.

Each member supports me and the Soul Family to reach more of humanity.