Connecting to the Source Sessions

I would like to explain what happens in a session within my understanding. Of course, words limit the explanation.

I expand my aura to create a bubble of existence, and include everybody in it. This bubble is timeless and spaceless. Time and space are limitations within our reality, and without these limitations, we experience a different reality. Without these limitations, we relate to the consciousness of Source. Then I align each individual to this bubble, to be downloaded with whatever Source brings to them. During the whole process, Source is working through me to bring any energy, action or words to the individual and to the group. Through that, some people will receive more attention than others.

What one receives in a session is unique to each person depending on their energy body and their soul journey, however everybody is connected to the same energy and the same consciousness. Each person is connected through a different part of their energy body. Within this bubble, the mind cannot hold onto its usual reality of being in control. A very powerful mind denies any experience that it cannot comprehend. As a result, one might have no experience at all. Other people’s experiences are based on their mental interpretation of what’s happening. Our experience in life is also our interpretation and has nothing to do with what it is.

In a session, each person goes through their lives from the beginning of their soul’s journey, connecting to the parts that have made an impact on them at the soul level. This allows a new alignment, to reconnect to Source at its depth. Source pours a surge of divine energy that reharmonizes one’s energy body, resulting in a quickening of the transformation of the physical body, emotional body, mental body and even our environment which was set up to support our old belief system. This might take, for some people, a few moments. For others, years. What happens in a session is only an initiation to be able to resonate at a higher vibration.

That same surge of energy that pours into those present in a session also pours into the meridians of Earth, reaching all of humanity. Each session brings the vibration of Earth and humanity a notch higher.

Participating in a session is not up to you; the universe will make arrangements when you are ready.