Abdy Electriciteh

8 July 2023

Hello Everybody,
I would like to welcome you to our gathering in Peru. This gathering is about healing humanity’s solar plexus chakra and the reconnection of female energy. All of you will go through the same process individually. You have been prepared for it for a while now. 
I personally have been having digestion problems and diarrhea nonstop for 9 weeks.
Cusco is about 11000 feet above the sea level, and Lake Titicaca is about 12500. Altitude sickness is very common. The temperatures during the afternoon are relatively warm, but it starts getting cold from midafternoon to freezing overnight. Itis the dry season there, and it can be windy.
The best way to train yourself for altitude before you get there is to strengthen yourheart byexercising, ginger tea and maca. Homeopathic Calc Carb 30 CH and coca tea will help you while you are there.I suggest you google the 14 day weather forecast of Cusco and Puno just before you pack. 
You should consider bringing:
Comfortable walking shoes 
A coat that is warm and wind proof, or layers and a windbreaker
Maybe a hat for the sun 
A small backpack for the one-night trip to Aguas Calientes.
We are staying in Novotel Cusco, Tierra Viva Machu Picchu and GHL Lago TitiKaKa Puno.
Even though US dollars and credit cards are accepted in many places, you still need a bit of Peruvian currency (Sol). You can exchange money around the hotel in Cusco or on your way to the hotel. 
DO NOT exchange money at the airport. I have made the airport pickups and drop offs complementary. Pickups are available up to a few days before the departure, to Novotel or another hotel close by. Drop offs only on the 31st.
Airline name:
Flight number: 
City of departure:
Time and date of arrival to Cusco:
Do not send your itinerary. We need your flight from the city you are flying directly to Cusco.
We will post it in front of your name on the website under the Peru gathering participants. Please check for accuracy. In case of flight or schedule changes, contact Percy at +51 984 550 952.After exiting the airport, look for a person holding up your name. You will be driven to the hotel with the possibility to have a stop for money exchange on the way.
Check in at the Novotel reception. Keep in mind that your roommate might be sleeping after a long night when you enter the room. Drink a lot of liquid and coca tea to help you with the altitude.
I will arrive on the evening of the 21st after spending a week in Cancun and Lima. Our meeting starts at 9:30 AM in the hotel’s conference hall on the 22nd. Please pass on this letter to anyone you know who is coming.
See you soon,