New Era

Abdy Electriciteh

9 October 2013

I would like to welcome you to the new era; the era of human explosive ascension and humanity's vast evolution. This era began 23rd of September, when the vibration of the Earth received a new frequency which has never been shared by humanity and Earth, though there has been a process since Lemurian and Atlantean times of which all the Avatars and Prophets have been a part of. History is of no importance. What is important is now, and infinite now is to come. Simply, you are living on a new Earth with a new energy to create a new consciousness.

This new modified environment will support your being to exist at a higher vibration. That means everything as you know it will gradually shift. You are already empowered to live in your full existence potential. The only reason you don't feel empowered is because of your conditionings and your attachments to the past. All your needs have already transformed. You just don't know it yet. We have shaped our reality through thousands of years. It takes a fraction of it to realize our new reality and our existence through it. Even though it is so rapid, it is still gradual in our frame of life. This is the time of allowing the world around you to shape you, allowing whatever you have believed to be no longer valid. It is like allowing yourself to be a one-day-old child again, and having the universe as your parents, parenting you in a way that is totally alien to you.

This is what humanity has been waiting for, however it might have an unpleasant start. It becomes pleasant as soon as you allow.