Letter to family

Abdy Electriciteh

9 March 2014

This is my first letter to my greater family. You are receiving this because you or your friend included you in it. You are reading this letter because it has been forwarded to you, or through chinese whispers or a post. You should know this letter is not about sharing information or opinions. It is about receiving it through your heart. Of course some of you might not be able to do that yet, however, since you are reading this, it is for you, and there has been no mistake. There has never been a mistake. If you don't know it yet, someday you will. If you know it, someday you will live it too..

First of all I would like to welcome you to the new era; the era of human explosive ascension and humanity's vast evolution. This era began 23rd of September, when the vibration of the Earth received a new frequency which has never been shared by humanity and Earth, though there has been a process since Lemurian and Atlantean times of which all the Avatars and Prophets have been a part of. History is of no importance. What is important is now, and infinite nows to come. Simply, you are living on a new Earth with a new energy to create a new consciousness. This new modified environment will support your being to exist at a higher vibration. That means everything as you know it will gradually shift.

You are already empowered to live in your full existence potential. The only reason you don't feel empowered is because of your conditionings and your attachments to the past. All your needs have already transformed. You just don't know it yet. We have shaped our reality through thousands of years. It takes a fraction of it to realize our new reality and our existence through it. Even though it is so rapid, it is still gradual in our frame of life. This is the time of allowing the world around you to shape you, allowing whatever you have believed to be no longer valid. It is like allowing yourself to be a one day old child again, and having the universe as your parents, parenting you in a way that is totally alien to you.

This is what humanity has been waiting for, however it might have an unpleasant start. It becomes pleasant as soon as you allow.

On a practical note, I have moved to England. I knew I had to wait for the shift before I start again. As you know I have been in sabbatical in Costa Rica on a sacred land since 2007, with some part-time activity outside of Costa Rica. The land made me build a temple-like structure in the middle of a vortex of energy to bring people and activate whoever and whatever. We had our sixth and last gathering there a few weeks ago to bring the final activation of the new consciousness. The surge of energy after the 23rd destroyed the structure in absolution. My son just told me that I have asked for the destruction of the rancho before the gathering. The reason it happened was not because of my request. Through my request I let myself go from the attachment that I had to the rancho. The new energy and consciousness does not have room for any structure or conditioning from the past. This would include the structure that we held ourself within. The vortex of energy is more powerful than ever. The land is more sacred than ever. You are more powerful than ever.

Anyhow, the new consciousness is directing me to be more active again and go around and have sessions again. Of course, even though the format might be the same, the energy of it is to facilitate the connection to the new consciousness. I have already arranged to have sessions in different cities in the Fall. I am planning to be in North America in December and January, in Australia in February and April. There will be a gathering in Uluru in Easter.

Many of you have offered assistance of some kind in the last six years. The greatest help would be to spread my schedule of events to your contacts, without judgement of who is right for it. I also need people who can put a group of people together for a session in new locations anywhere in the world. You can also tune into the sessions from where you are by holding the intention that you want to be a part of it. I will be more accessible and there will be more communication for the time being.

The greatest gift that I have ever received was your open heart and love. The joy of the energy that runs through me is only a fraction of the inner harmony that I receive from my greater family. I leave you with the power of love within you. If you have not felt this letter is beyond the words that dress it, read it again in a few months.

I do not wish to have response to this letter unless you are offering to assist me.