2015 New Year's Newsletter

Abdy Electriciteh

1 January 2015

Hello everybody,

Another year has gone by and still the Earth rotates around the Sun and life is as usual. Even though nothing seems different, you and I and everybody around us have grown to be who we are today, which is different from yesterday. Nothing is the same or will ever be the same. We perceive conscience through an unnoticeable, gradual shift. Our perception is not important; what is important, is our capability to tap into our potential. That capability is much greater today than ever before, and the potential is more accessible than ever before. If you have noticed this, it means your perception has also changed.

2014 for me was a year of returning to work. I have had around ninety sessions in different parts of the world. I got my residency for UK in January and left in July. After driving 8000 kilometres in North America, I am placed in Toronto where I began and never wished to return to. We all go in cycles of ending up where we started. This cycle could be physically or in situations or in feelings and emotions. When we go back to where we began, we are able to see and feel how much we have grown. What mattered before is not so important now, and what is important now, we did not notice before. Being in the joy of Emily, Kye, Kyon and Aurom has made me realize my home doesn't have a geographical location. It is simply wherever we share our depths and create our experiences. I also felt Home whenever I went and shared the same with my soul family. So even though I have had many travels, I was always at home and never left it.

I will be spending January in Costa Rica and will start to work as of February in Colombia. The Iceland gathering will be in June. I am just starting to plan my year with sessions and events, reaching new people and destinations. I am more inclined to bring myself to the general public than recycling myself in the so-called spiritual circle. You no longer need to feel hesitant before mentioning me to normal people. Everybody is ready now.

The Universe has not put together my website yet. I am hoping the construction will be over very soon, so we can all move in.

As always, I appreciate your support and I reciprocate your love.