Beatitudes, Israel

Abdy Electriciteh

12 December 2012

I had a dream that I was in a classroom and a new teacher came that did't know the students. I was a student, and the students asked the teacher “What will happen at the end of the time?” And the teacher asked, “Who is Abdy Electriciteh?” And I say, “It’s me.” And the teacher said, “Answer! You know the answer!” I didn’t really say the truth and the teacher was disappointed and he said, “You know the truth. Why you didn't say it?” I explained. But I covered it up for three reasons:

One, that people are not ready to hear the truth. The funny thing is that I had a conversation over breakfast this morning, and I was talking about this aspect. I would not tell people if they don't want to hear something; they are not ready. And then there are some of you who are desperate to hear the truth because you know it. You just want to hear it. So if you know it, why do you need to hear it? Is it that you don't trust what you know? Is it that somebody has to confirm it? If the answer is that you don't have the trust, and somebody has to confirm it, that means you are not ready to hear it.

The other reason I don't come up with the truth, is because sometimes I don't have the trust. I trust what I know. I don't have the trust that it will be okay after you hear it, so I put my own judgement on that. It could be attached to fear. In the past the truth was always punished. The truth always ended up in sadness because the people were not ready to hear the truth. They just fought it. They fought the truth and they fought anybody who brought it.

I’ve known for a while that time is changing. The time is changing to become more open. More open to what is. It is time to bring that which is inside, out, with full confidence of what it is, without judging what it can do and what it cannot. And I'm not talking about just words. I am talking about our Being coming out, as we feel it is, without fear of consequences. It might be that if we are that way, we won't be where we are now, but it is what it will be. Most of us are not aligned with where we are, and it is time to go to be where we are supported and the way we are supported is within us, within you, within me. Because you are the greatest support, nobody and nothing out there.
And as long as you don't go to your Inner, as long as you are not fully who you are, you are not supporting yourself. In this time of change, everybody is changing what is out there. What happens out there has nothing to do with us. What has to do with us is what's happening in here (pointing to his heart). Where we will be is, we will be inside. Wherever we are doesn't matter. To bring unity, the concept of uniting humanity, to unite the twelve tribes or whatever else is just a concept, it’s not our reality.

Our reality, our deep reality is to bring the self to self, and there are not twelve of them, there are only two of them. It’s not that difficult. The time is changing to a way that when you act from your heart, it will support you a hundred times, and any moment you don't it will shatter you a hundred times. For any of you who believe in manifestation: a manifestation is not what you manifest out there. You believe you have to be in service. But service is not out there. It is time that you manifest yourself. It is time that you serve yourself, serve your heart.

Your heart has it all and your heart knows what you need to do, where you need to be, and what you need to eliminate. So, the time of somebody standing here and teaching people and telling them what's true and what's wrong is over. It is time that you know, that you realize, that you too have everything I have. And what I am sharing now is my heart. Not information, not teaching. You all have access to mine and yours without any communication, without any knowledge, without any external interruption. So the truth is: nothing is hidden, nothing is covered, because nothing needs to be revealed. Yes, the time is changing, but every collapse to me is a joy, is one step closer to the truth, the truth that doesn't need to be taught, the truth that nobody will have the choice to deny. The truth is that one is just denying self. And I can say, welcome home, and the home is not there, or that church or anywhere else. The home is you as you are, proud or guilty of who you are, as you are, and within that home is only one journey and that is not a journey of humanity, that's not a journey of Earth, that's not a journey of environment and that's not a journey of unity. It’s a journey of self and that's the only reason you are here, and nothing else.

I leave you with one last word: If you are coming for direction, point at yourself.

Thank you.