Newsletter November 2022

Abdy Electriciteh

7 November 2022

Hello everyone, 

Trusting you are doing as well as possible. I am sitting in Casablanca Airport waiting for my flight to London. This is my third time coming to Morocco this year. Witnessing the cultural differences between here and North America is fascinating. It reminds of what I was running away from as a child and young adult, yet what I find myself appreciating now. It makes me think what other opinions and desires I’ve had in the past, which have also taken a huge turn. It reminds me not to take any dislike or desire too seriously now. After all, being human means some of our qualities include realizations of right and wrong, and change in relation to our truth. It also makes me question whether the change in relating to the truth is one way only, or alternating. In my case it has been one way, but I see most people around me are in alternating belief systems and ways of life without their realizing it. Of course, we believe in what we need to believe in, and we like what we need to like, in order to conform to our conditioning. 

Saying all this makes me understand how the future and the past are very close together. We negate the present based on our understanding of the past in order to create a more desirable future. Sometimes, when the future arrives, we might not like all the side effects of our desires and wants, to the extent that we might realize the past was even better but we didn’t like it at the time. I can go deep into explaining all the details and scenarios and make you very confused. But, I will leave it to your imagination. 

On some practical notes. I have been all around and I can see clearly the results of what is happening in the world. I have sessions starting with London and ending with a week in LA. I also will be in Colombia end of the month. Connecting to your higher self and pushing out of low vibration is very important at this moment. So, if you are not part of the soul family, I strongly suggest to tune in to as many sessions as possible, and to do the same with the Costa Rica retreats at the beginning of next year. 

Many people have been asking me for the next gathering. I have been putting off a Peru gathering because traveling has become very expensive. I am thinking of having it next year. 

Life is not about what you make of it; it is about having your personal experience in what has already been made up. Your resistance to this reality is also part of that experience. 

Loving has become more accessible and deeper for me. I will bring all of you into it.