Abdy's Livestream Broadcast

Abdy Electriciteh

8 March 2016

Welcome Soul Family

Hello Everybody,

With great joy, I am announcing the launch of the Soul Family.

After about ten years of wanting to create such a community, the doors to the Soul Family will finally open on 9th March on my website.

The first livestream broadcast to everyone will be held on my 52nd birthday:

March 9th at 9pm, New York EST time. 

Password: energy

Please check for your local timezone.

****Please note that this is a live event and the screen will be OFF AIR until the event starts. ****

If you are having trouble viewing this Livestream, please visit http://www.ustream.tv/channel/TKnsmvJx2KJ


The url and password will be posted prior to the broadcast on my website bulletin and Facebook page.

Our second livestream will be on the Equinox, March 20th.

By joining the Soul Family, you allow me to be connected to you at all times, and you will  be connected to the energy that runs through me at all times. Therefore, you will be held in every session that I conduct.

The livestreaming is only the spice.

Everybody is welcome to join the Soul Family, from the 9th of March, at: www.abdy.info

See you soon, love Abdy