Sunshine Coast, QLD


  • First Session - Connecting to the Source

    2pm - 3.30pm

    Exchange: $80.00 AUD

  • Second Session - Connecting to the Source

    4pm - 5.30pm

    Exchange: $80.00 AUD

  • Both Sessions - Connecting to the Source

    2pm - 5.30pm

    Exchange: $150.00 AUD

  • Self Alignment Day

    10am - 5pm


58 Ballinger Road,
Buderim Sunshine Coast, Queensland 4556 Australia

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Event Information

Please bring a yoga mat or a blanket and a pillow, and dress comfortably to lie on the floor. If your body can’t lie flat comfortably, we also have chairs available. 

Connecting to the Source Session Exchange:

Exchange: Connecting to the Source sessions - $80.00 for one session or $150 for both* 

Self Alignment Day Exchange: $250.00 
Payable at venue. Cash Only please. 

* For financial considerations please contact your host.

Host Contacts

For more information, please contact:

Deborah Lovegrove


Cher Palermo