Welcome letter Egypt/Israel

Abdy Electriciteh

16 June 2018

I would like to welcome you to the Egypt and/or Israel gatherings. We are 95 people for Egypt and 55 for Israel. For those of you who come to Egypt and need to get a visa upon arrival, you should go to the visa on arrival window before getting in the queue for immigration. You will give them $25 and will receive an arrival sticker. Place the sticker on a blank page in your passport and get in the immigration queue. It is advisable to have exact change. Pick up your luggage and look for somebody holding a sign indicating ‘Abdy’ or your name. You might have to wait a bit for other people who are arriving in the same time window. You will be driven to La Meridian Pyramids Hotel & Spa. There is a bank in the hotel if you need to exchange money. When you check in the room, be mindful of the possibility that your roommate has checked in before you and is trying to catch up on the jet-lag! If you are the first one to the room, do not lock the door. Keep in mind your dinner on the evening of the 29th is included - a buffet in the main restaurant. You are a part of the “Abdy group”. Our meeting starts at 9am on the 30th. 


You should consider packing summery, comfortable clothing and shoes. We will visit one location in which ladies will need a scarf that can cover their hair and arms if wearing short sleeves, and long pants or skirt that covers their legs. Men will need long pants on this occasion. Don’t forget to pack your bathing suit as there will be a pool in the hotel and one on the boat. You should also bring sunblock, hat and sunglasses. The evenings on the Nile might have mosquitos; if you are concerned, you can bring repellent. The floor of the venue is carpeted, however you might want to bring your yoga mat.


It is customary that the tour operator collects a tip for the tour guide, driver, hotel staff including bell boys and all parties based on the percentage of the costs. The expected tip is $120 per person. This is collected from everybody and given to the operator, so please do not tip the driver, bell boys etc or anybody individually. You also need to pay for your drinks and four lunches.


Our organizer, Ahmad, has a cell number should you need to call him: +20 109 001 5142


For those of you who come to Israel, you can take a sherut (shared taxi) which can be found on Level G of the airport, to the Knight’s Palace Hotel at Freres Street, New Gate, Jerusalem, (tel. +972 2-628-2537) for a cost of 64 ILS, paid in cash to the driver. No reservation is needed. Or, you can take a private taxi that costs approximately 250 ILS. The journey is about one hour. When you arrive, you have to walk a couple of minutes on cobblestones from your drop-off place in Jerusalem to the Knight’s Palace. Check in, again mindful of your roommate. The Knight’s Palace is a very simple hotel and they have actual keys which should be left with reception when you are not in the room. If you are the first one in, don’t lock the door so your roommate doesn’t have to wake you up. Our meeting starts at 9am on the 10th after breakfast. Your packing should be the same as in Egypt. You do need a bathing suit to float on the Dead Sea, and in case you want to walk on the Sea of Galilee. We will be away for one night, so if you have a smaller bag, you can leave your suitcase in hotel storage. Remember that you have to pay cash if you are staying extra nights in Israel. You also need to pay tips, four dinners and your lunches. You can always withdraw cash with your debit card. 


The rooming lists for both gatherings has been posted on the website.


Check the gathering bulletin on the website just prior to departure for any last minute notices.


Keep in mind whatever experience you need to have is perfectly planned for you, so be considerate of yourself. 


See you all soon!