Rooming list Israel gathering

Abdy Electriciteh

7 May 2018

The following is the rooming list for Israel gathering.Please note this list is subject to change.
We have blocked limited rooms for our group at Knight's Palace for the night of the 8th and the 16th of July at the special rate of $120 for double room. 
If you need room for the night of the 8th, you should make a reservation for yourself and your roommate .
If you do not know your roommate and wish to reserve, contact us in order to put you in touch with your roommate or recommend you one. For those of you who know your roommate go ahead and make the booking for both of you by contacting Knight's Palace directly at:  You have to pay cash on arrival. Your reservation is non-cancellable. That means you still have pay even if you don't use the room. The only reason you don't pay in advance is because we are guaranteeing your payments. So make sure you or your roommate do not double book.


Family Room:

Abdy Electriciteh
Emily Hunt
Kye Electriciteh(13yr)
Kyon Electriciteh(8yr)
Aurom Electriciteh(5yr)

Silvana Tignini
Galileo Tignini
Valeria Tignini
Anastasia Tignini-Aggarwal (5yr)

Double Room:

Anthony Hurtle Simmons
Fiona Caroline Hamilton

Francisco Manuel Munoz Martinez
Luisa Fernanda Reyes Quezada

Twin Bed:

Sophia Wass de Czege
Gilya Toueg

Olga Salinas
Elizabeth Barbosa Correa

Carissa Velez
Hanna Pryhodskaya

Patricia Williams
Julia Moton

Christine McDowell
Leslie Karen DuBrin

Kayoko Hoy
Diana Budiman

Esperanza Adelaida Ines De J Rico De Dieterich
Karin Dieterich Rico

Lisa Goodwin
Karna Hein

Donna Maree McCormick
Kate Waters 

Brigitte Feaster
Donna Marie Caruso

Lee Schaberg
Shruti Shyamani

Mehri Ghobadi Motlagh
Colleen Cackowski

Melinda Taylor
Jay James White

Susan Tremont
Lilian Stuart

Robert Knitzer
Laird P. Mintz

Catherine Tara Daly
Christine Marie Mollenthiel

Mónica Esperanza Fuquen Becerra
Martha Isabel Forero Ramos

Juan Diego Jaramillo Angel
Ricardo Enrique Sarmiento Galeano

Scott Bentley
Charles Richter


Gabriela Garbacz

Dorit Helga Grossbard

Jasmine Bilali

María Paula Ruiz Vesga