Gathering details

Abdy Electriciteh

8 May 2018

Hello everybody,

I know most of you are excited to attend the gatherings.  At this moment we are 86 people for Egypt and 51 people for Israel. We still have a few spaces left. I also should mention that I have booked the entire cruise exclusively for us.

Those of you who are coming to Egypt have to e-mail your arrival information which should include your airline, flight number and arrival date and time, and also your passport details which should include your names, date of birth, nationality, passport number, passport issuing and expiry date to our Egyptian travel coordinator Ahmad Yahia

As you know, the airport pick up on the 29th is included in the cost of your gathering. If you arrive before, you can still ask Ahmad to arrange your airport pickup for a fee. He also can book other travel arrangements in Egypt for you. Please, DO NOT contact Ahmad for any question regarding the gathering (rooming list, itinerary, weather, questions...)

Generally I post the rooming list just before the gathering, however I had to post the rooming list for Isreal early this time.  If you need extra nights for Isreal you should contact Knights Palace as per instruction on the Israel rooming list.        

I should mention that you are all being prepared for the experience you need to have in the gathering. Your roommate will also be part that experience, so don't try to serve your conditionings to fulfill your requirement.

Hopefully most of you have booked your flights already. Regarding the visa to Egypt, basically all major passport holders like European, American, Canadian, Australian, British and many more can purchase their visa in Cairo's airport upon arrival. Make sure your passports are valid at least till January 10th 2019.

We will post more information a week before the gathering. Meanwhile, give your mind a rest.

See you all soon, 

Love Abdy