Egypt, June 2018

29th – 8th July 18

I would like to invite you to the Egypt and/or Israel gathering, June/July 2018.

You can attend either one, or both gatherings.

I held these gatherings in reverse order in 2006, under the old consciousness. At the time, a group went to Israel and followed in reverse Moses' path, back to Egypt. That has always been the most memorable gathering for me and for many people. This time is about connecting Egypt to the new consciousness, and Egypt being the source of the new Western civilisation. It's like past-life regression on the level of humanity. I can't tell you much about Israel, except that Jerusalem is the crown chakra of the Earth.
So as usual, if you are supposed to be there, you will find out, and if not, we welcome you in spirit.
See you there, or not.



Egypt gathering itinerary: (June 29th - July 8th)

June 29
Arrival into Cairo airport and transfer to our hotel. We spend the night in Cairo.

June 30
We meet in the hotel conference room at 9.30am.

July 1
Begin the day by visiting the Pyramids Plateau where we have a session inside the Great Pyramid. Later, we visit the Egyptian museum of antiquities, then head back to the hotel in Cairo. 

July 2
We fly to Luxor and visit the temple of Karnak, after which we embark our Nile cruise ship and have lunch. In the early evening we visit the Luxor temple, then have dinner back on the ship. Spend the night onboard in Luxor.

July 3
Early morning we breakfast on the ship and visit the Valley of Kings, the 2 Colossi of Memnon and the Hatshibsuit temple at the west bank of the Nile River. We then set sail and head to Edfu crossing the Esna lock, and spend the night onboard.

July 4
An early morning visit to the Edfu temple with horse drawn carriages. Later, we continue to sail to Kom Ombo, visit the Sobeck temple and the crocodile museum, and then sail to Aswan. Spend the night on board.

July 5
Arriving in Aswan, we visit the high dam, the unfinished Obelisque and Philae temple. In the evening we take a stroll around the Souk - the local Market in Aswan. Another overnight onboard.

July 6
We disembark and transfer to Aswan airport to fly back to Cairo, where we visit the citadel of Salah El Din and the Alabaster Mosque. We have time to stroll around the famous Khan El labyrinthine market before we head to our hotel. Overnight in Cairo.

July 7
Our final meeting in the hotel conference room.

July 8
We transfer to the airport for final departure


Pricing and Registration




  • 5 nights shared accommodation in Cairo at a five star hotel, including breakfasts and dinners
  • 4 nights shared accommodation aboard a five star Nile cruise, including all meals
  • Domestic flights Cairo - Luxor / Aswan - Cairo
  • All ground transportation
  • All entry fees to sightseeing
  • Private visit into the Great Pyramid
  • Hotel/Airport pick-ups and drop-offs

Not included:


  • Flight tickets
  • Entry visa cost $35
  • Extra lunches
  • Tipping & gratuities to hotels, drivers and guide
  • Any costs specifically not mentioned as included


You should arrange your flight arriving in Cairo on or before June 29th, and departing from Cairo on or after July 8th.

If you are traveling from North, Central or South America you need to depart from your destination June 28 or before, check the arrival date to be the 29th.


Payment method:

*The payments are by cheque.

If you wish to pay by PayPal, there will be US$150 surcharge for Egypt.

Cheques must be mailed in full amount upon registration to 53 Main Street South, Markham, ON L3P1L2, CANADA, made payable to Abdy Electriciteh. Post-dated cheques are also acceptable as long as the date is before April 10, 2018.

Should you wish to pay with PayPal, you should make a non-refundable deposit of US$700 for Egypt,  upon registration. Balance must be paid by May 1,2018.

If you wish to pay in British pounds, contact us for account information. If you do not have a US dollar checking account, or you are from a country that you cannot pay with either cheque or PayPal, please contact us to arrange alternative methods.

If you are coming for both gatherings, you can book a multiple destination, arriving to Cairo on or before 29th of June, and departing from Tel Aviv on or after 16th July. You can book a separate one-way ticket from Cairo to Tel Aviv either on the 8th or 9th of July. You should book a one way ticket form Cairo to Tel Aviv on July 8 or 9.Your other option could be to book a return ticket to Cairo before 29th of June and after July 16 and combine it with a return flight from Cairo to Tel Aviv. Your last option  would be to book a return flight to Tel Aviv and combine it with a return flight from Tel Aviv to Cairo and then back to Tel Aviv.

You can request a single room for US$500  surcharge, however we cannot guaranteed.

If you wish to arrive early and depart later, book your flight accordingly  and we will publish the information and details regarding the extra nights by March.

If you are coming to both gatherings just submit one registration and specify in special instructions that you are coming to both gatherings.

Paying through PayPal is not the registration, please submit your registration through the registration form separately. 



Pay with PayPal

Payment Methods include Pay Pal, Mastercard, AMEX, Visa


Abdy Electriciteh
Emily Hunt
Kye Electriciteh
Kyon Electriciteh
Aurom Electriciteh
Olga Salinas (Canada) *                           *Both gatherings
Mariana Besosa (Canada)
Carissa Velez (USA)*
Hanna Pryhodskaya (USA)*
Anthea Fitzhardinge (Australia)
Patricia Williams (Australia) *
Christine McDowell (Canada)*
Lilian Stuart (USA)*
Leslie Karen DuBrin (USA)*
Fatemeh Tashakori (Canada)*
Deborah Alexa Bolles (USA)*
Dorothy Jean Scott (Australia)
Francisco Manuel Munoz Martinez (Colombia)*
Luisa Fernanda Reyes Quezada (Colombia)*
Kayoko Hoy (UK)*
Kate Waters (Australia)*
Silvana Tignini (USA)* 
Galileo Tignini (USA)*
Valeria Tignini (USA)*
Anastasia Tignini-Aggarwal (USA)*
Diana Budiman (USA)*
Mónica Esperanza Fuquen Becerra (Colombia)*
Tracey Corinne Kawakami (USA)
Gary Kawakami (USA)
Vicki Ellen Hunter (Australia)
Isabel Guhl (USA)
Gabriela Garbacz (Australia)*
Carol Elizabeth Bush (USA)    Deposit $ 700 payed
Donna Marie Caruso (USA)* 
Neda Selahi McGuire (USA) 
Jasmine Bilali (USA)**
Donna Maree McCormick (Australia)*
Amy Rebecca Theiler (USA)
Thomas Hunter Theiler (USA)
Chase Ashton Theiler (USA)
Patricia Lee Nelson (USA)* 
Lee Schaberg (USA)*  Cheque full payment  
Esperanza Adelaida Rico de Dieterich (Colombia)*  
Karin Dieterich Rico (Colombia)*  
Mehri Ghobadi Motlagh (USA)*  Deposit $ 700 Payed
Erica Rock (USA)  Deposit $ 700 Payed 
Irene llewellyn (UK) 
Sruti Shyamani (USA)*  
Lauri Wild (UK)  
Elizabeth Kania (Australia)