Welcome to Cuba letter

Abdy Electriciteh

9 August 2017

I would like to welcome all of you attending our gathering in Cuba.

It won’t be long before we’ll all be sharing our pre-gathering experiences when we meet. Meanwhile, let me share with you some practical notes. First of all I should mention that we are 90 people at this moment. Hopefully you have already taken care of your tourist card, or have a plan to take care of it as pertains to you.

Before your departure you should go on the website of www.sunwing.ca and click on “My booking”. On the next page click on “Manage my booking” and you will be taken to a page where you can sign in with our booking number. Our booking number is 93037995. Click “Next”, then you put your first names and your last name - then the email that you’ll need to use is emily@abdy.info. Once you’ve signed in, on the next page you can print your eDocs, which is the full confirmation of your hotel booking. Please print this letter and bring it with you along with your passport when checking in to the hotel.

Please confirm via email when you have completed this process. 

Just a reminder for arrival at customs in Cuba - you are a tourist joining a group. Just a reminder for arrival at customs in Cuba - you are a tourist joining a group. Please make sure you have a print out of your Travel Health insurance. 

Upon leaving the terminal and coming outside, there is an exchange window where you can change your money to Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC). Each CUC is about $1.

Cuba is a very safe country and you can catch a taxi that will cost you about 25 - 30 CUC. Keep in mind that there may be many people arriving at the same time. You may be able to share the ride.

Paradisus Varadero Hotel and Spa is one of the best hotels in Varadero and seems luxury, however Cuban standards are not similar to Western standards so do not have high expectations, especially from the service. You should know that the hotel is all-inclusive. That means your drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and food is included. We have not planned for group meals. You can take advantage of many restaurants and different cuisines in the resort. To get your preferred times and choices of restaurants, I recommend making some reservations upon check-in. The salary of the average Cuban person is about $30 a month. Giving $1 tip for services is more than sufficient.

Our meeting will start in the Caonao room at 10am on 27th. The floor is synthetic and you can use beach towels to sit and lie on if you wish. Of course there will be chairs for everyone, however if you wish to use a yoga mat, you should bring your own.

You might want to bring mosquito / sandbug repellent and sunblock. Purchasing basic imported products in Cuba might not be that easy, so whatever you think you might need, bring it. Most hotels have very slow and poor internet. Please check the Cuba gathering bulletin for notes before you go.

I will be arriving at the hotel from Havana at around 3pm on 26th, and we’ll be at the beach or the pool right after!

See you soon,