Bali Gathering Welcome letter

Abdy Electriciteh

6 July 2016

I would like to welcome you to the Bali gathering. For us, the journey there has already begun.
Most of you have already arranged your airport pick-ups for the 17th. Some of you will be picked up individually, some will be picked up as a group, depending on how many will be landing at the same time. If you are not arriving on the 17th, it is less expensive to take a taxi to The Mansion Resort than to arrange with them to pick you up.
For visa and immigration purposes at the airport, your reason for visiting is as a tourist.
When you check in to the hotel, your room-mate may have already arrived. Make sure you don’t lock your room door from the inside when you get in. No matter what time you arrive, keep in mind your room-mate might be recovering from jet-lag.
Our meeting will start on the 18th at 9.30am in Pandawa Palace, located within the hotel grounds. The venue floor is stone so you will need to bring something to lie down on. You can bring your own yoga mat or buy one in Ubud, or bring a blanket. I have arranged for an open, chair-less space. Please let me know if you cannot sit on the floor.
For anybody who is unsure as to how to pack, Bali is now in the warm and dry season. Don’t forget comfortable shoes for walking!
The tentative rooming list is posted in this gathering section of the website. We have accommodated everybody who has asked for a single room, and we still have a couple of single rooms available. If you have not arranged for a single room but still wish for one, please let me know a.s.a.p.
We will arrive at The Mansion on the 16th. I have already started travelling and Olga and Alyssa will also be attending the gathering, so you may not receive prompt replies to your last minute enquiries.
The Mansion contact info is:
The Mansion Resort Hotel Spa
Jl. Penestanan 8-9,
Sayan, Ubud, Bali
telephone +62 361 972 616
See you next week!