Costa Rica Retreat 2017, December 2017

30th – 7th January 18

I welcome you to join us for a retreat in Monasterio, Costa Rica, from December 30th 2017 to January 7th 2018. Monasterio is beyond a place or dimension. It is a portal of connection.

The program of the retreat is to be with the nature, in whatever nature brings. If you have been to a previous session and you wish to attend, you can register after you book your flights.

Our retreat is held in Monasterio, a haven of over 1200 acres of pristine rainforest, sitting in the foothills of the active Turrialba Volcano. Off the grid, it is far removed from civilization and contamination. It is a place that one can swim in crystal clear rivers, walk in the jungle, drink from pure springs, be stilled by giant trees in an indigenous land and explore waterfalls without leaving the backyard. Monasterio is a portal of transformation. Being there played a large part in Abdy's own evolution and has impacted anybody who visited. It is a community of human, nature and spirit.



  • A shared floor beneath you and a roof above you for 8 nights (do not expect walls) and meals.
  • Pick-up from San Jose airport (SJO) between 9:00 am until 3:30 pm on the 30th of December.
  • Drop-off at San Jose airport (SJO) between 9:30 am until 5:00 pm on the 7 of January. If your plane arrives after 3:00 pm or departs  before 11:00 am  you need to arrange your own accommodation for the night after or before.
  • Our activities could include sessions, wisdom and energy exchange, jungle walks, and playing in the rivers and waterfalls.

You should bring

  • Mattress and sleeping bag for possible cold nights
  • Towel, sheets and sun block
  • Rubber boots and long pants
  • Flash light and batteries
  • Keep in mind that we don’t have electricity, so don’t bring electrically dependent items.


Pricing and Registration



A deposit of US$200 upon registration on the website and a cash payment of US$1100 in Costa Rica upon arrival.

You can pay through button below.

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Payment Methods include Pay Pal, Mastercard, AMEX, Visa


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Name Arrival Departure
Abdy Electriciteh    
Emily Hunt    
Kye Electriciteh    
Kyon Electriciteh    
Aurom Electriciteh    

Kate Waters (Australia)
Lauri Wild (UK)
Brigitte Feaster (USA)
Jarka Fosher (USA)
Mariana Muñoz ( Colombia)
Olga Lucia Salinas (Canada)
Colleen Cackowski (USA)
Parastoo Nasr (USA)
Carsten Nielsen (Denmark)
Carol Bush (USA)
Karin Dieterich Rico (Colombia)
Todd Paterson (Canada)
Lee Schaberg (USA)
Juan Fernando Arango (Colombia)
Esperanza Niño (Colombia) 
Charles Ottaway (USA)
Susan Andrews (USA)
Tracey Corinne (USA)
Diane Connely (UK)
Stacey Steele (USA)
Nidia Gomez (Colombia)
Ruth Acosta (Colombia)
Gilya Toueg (Israel)
Chuck Comstock (USA)
Sarah Comstock  (USA)
Constanza Martinez Mosquera (Colombia)
Francisco Manuel Munoz Martinez (Colombia)
Luisa Fernanda Reyes Quezada (Colombia)
Erica Rock (USA) 
Christine McDowell (Canada)
Charles Richter  (USA)
Michael C  (UK)
Oscar Cortes (Colombia)
Julia Moton (USA)
Mark Ludeman (USA) 
Jennifer Ludeman (USA)
Ingrid campo martinez (USA)
Donald L Allen (USA)
Melody Joy Johnson (USA)
Catherine Daly (USA)
Sylwia Skoczylas (Australia)
Patricia Williams (Australia)
Nakuma Caruso (USA)
Ronit Lev (Israel)