Who Is Abdy

Abdy has an ancient, indescribable gift which allows people to attune to the vibration they  need to receive for themselves.

The result is to be harmonized with one’s own  soul. When the mind is harmonized with the soul,  it is aligned in its own path and aligned in  universal harmony.

“There is no name for what you receive.” Abdy

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Abdy Electriciteh

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Worldwide group sessions with Abdy Electriciteh


  • Global Hourly Energy Transmissions

    20 March 2015

    I will be holding global hourly energy transmissions on the hour for twelve minutes, starting midnight on March 22nd. That means that every hour, on the hour, for twelve minutes, I expand my aura in order to radiate the same energy that I work with in a session.

    Read "Global Hourly Energy Transmissions" in full
  • Equinox Global Session

    20 March 2015

    I will be holding a twelve-minute Global Session on the 20th March at 6.44pm New York time. If you wish to join me, you simply intend to be part of the Session. Spend some quiet time from 6.44pm until 6.56pm New York time.

    Read "Equinox Global Session" in full
  • March Update

    18 March 2015

    As you may have noticed, my calendar has nothing in it at the moment for this year. I am intending to reach more people by having larger sessions, and no longer going to the places where the sessions are smaller. All of this is being put into motion, practically and energetically.

    Read "March Update" in full
  • Tune into the Sessions from anywhere

    13 March 2015

    If you have attended a session with me, you can tune into any session from a distance. Simply figure out the time difference and spend half an hour in quiet with the intention of being included in the remote session, either on your own or with other people with the...

    Read "Tune into the Sessions from anywhere" in full

What People Say

  • “Abdy works with the Christ energy – a bridging consciousness that aligns the consciousness of man to the consciousness of the Divine. It can activate the Christ Light within.”

    Channeled by Edwin Courtenay
  • “If I could give advice to someone, from my heart, I would say: "Give yourself a gift to your soul and open your heart to a love experience with Abdy".”

  • “I’ve never met such a pure, loving, wise soul. Generous, truthfull, altruistic and so non-judgemental. The energy Abdy anchors is a pure expression of God.”

  • “Abdy’s love, authenticity, compassion and divine energy enable humanity to soar to its infinite potential. Thank you Abdy for all that you are.”